Monday, September 01, 2008

Sooo.... apparently iPods can't withstand the power of Motions shampoo. I learned this the hard way yesterday. It's a long story....

Today is a national holiday in Trinidad and Tobago. It's actually the anniversary of T&T's independence from British rule. It's the day when people take the opportunity to reflect on what benefits self governance has brought to our tiny twin island state. My neighbours decided to take the opportunity to blast conscious music at maximum volume through the neighbourhood. And since I live like a stone's throw away from them I literally felt like the speaker was on my bed, right next to me. I don't get it. If you're playing conscious music which admonishes you to love Jah and your neighbour and to do unto others the way you'd want them to do unto you and so forth, shouldn't you, yuh know, do that?

In a stroke of luck, I got called into the office around 1:00pm today by my boss who needed some files sent to him. I'd like to thank him for his inadvertent rescue but to be honest, i would have much prefer to be home, getting some peaceful rest. 

And as luck would have it, the guy who I've been harboring a huge crush on for the past, I don't know, 2 months is also here. Much good that does because I turn into Super Chickenshit when I'm around guys that I like. I never know what to say and most of the time I end of either saying something stupid and outta-timin or laughing nervously like a banshee. It's not pretty to watch.

Now, it's not that I think I don't have a chance with this guy. Well actually it is that. He's much older, knows what he's about and has a thing for girls of a lighter persuasion. At least that's what a confidant/ snitch told me once when I confessed my desire to have his babies to her. And then my mind wandered back to girls I had seen him with before and it's seemed true. He does seem to have a thing for light skinned, curly haired black girls. You know, the ones that when describing their race say things like, "Umm, well like, my grandmother is like totally white and my Mom is portuguese and then my grandfather is Spanish." And whose voices get really soft when they murmur incoherently so that you can barely hear them, "and my father is black". 

But to each his own. I personally don't really have a preference. I'm an equal opportunity crusher/ stalker. No race is safe [insert creepy music here].

But on all seriousness. The range of races of people that I've had crushes on are actually amazing. Even the handicapped doesn't go unscathed. I had a huge crush on this artist who has multiple sclerosis and a blind friend of a friend.  

I find that most of the guys that happen to return the favour tend to be East Indian though. I once had an East Indian guy borderline stalk me during A's bringing me chocolates like the 1st month into us being in class together. There's an East Indian friend of mine on Facebook who keeps leaving "You're so hot" comments under my pics. And there's this other East Indian guy who just started working with us, who, whenever I look up on my way from the printer is looking at me all intense-like. It's either he thinks this afroed up chick is hot or that I'm crazy and is trying to figure out a way to alert HR.


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