Monday, September 07, 2009

Love, love, love Erykah


Store unit a/w that I did a while ago for the launch of the SE w380 Destra phone in the T&T market.

Congratulations to Destra on her pregnancy. I wish her all the best!

Scotiabank 5k run 2009 tshirt design

Here's a a tshirt design i did for the upcoming Scotiabank 5k run we're participating in. Each team has an option of creating their own tshirt design and this is the print that will appear to the front of the tee our company will be wearing:

I'll post the actual tshirt when it's done. I'm very excited to see how it turns out...

I haven't run in about 2 months but i'll dust off my sneaks in a hope of making a small difference :)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

too cool!

why don't we have anything like this in T&T?

Thursday, September 03, 2009

outta control tour launch highlights

here are some highlights of the now complete outta control tour that took place this month.

here's the press ad i did:

*if yuh feeling like a pimp, go on brush yuh shoulders off* LOL

here are some videos... please do your best to see past the bad videographer skills. :D

Here's kes the band

and here's skid "nevely:

Do you sleep?

Congratulations Lisa Loeb on being "with child". LOL.

Hearing that she was pregnant made me think of her and music which I absolutely looooooooved during my angst ridden teenage years aka the 90s. :D

This is by far my favorite song from her:

I just love her simple personal style, too. I like that she maintained this throughout her career much unlike "artistes" of today who think that how they look is more important than the integrity of their sound and the quality of their lyrics.

No doubt...

Please, please come back No doubt!

And not what that modern, pseudo "soul changing", transitional crap. Please revisit your old feel good sound. The sound that made me fall in love with you:

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Clothes & stuff

I love fashion...

That being said, it's inexcusable to me that T&T fashion week went past me like a full bus this year, without nary a wink in its direction from myself.

I remember being completely swamped with work though and I think that's a plausible excuse for missing out on this festive event :D

I visited their website (months later mind you) and I'm slapping myself on the hand for having missed this showcase. It's gorgeous. My favourite by far was Peter Elias' collection. The fabric is beautiful, the flow of which seems mesmerizing through the photographs. I couldn't help but picture myself in these dresses, making a grand entrance to an event amidst numerous "Oooohhhs and Aaahhhhhs" (a girl can dream can't she).

Peter Elias

Peter Elias

Peter Elias

GQ's Genuine quality Styles Collection

GQ's Genuine quality Styles Collection

Zadd & Eastman

Kimya Glassglow

Meiling and Anthony Reid Menswear


GQ's Genuine quality Styles Collection

So beautiful. I like simple designs with interest, textured fabrics, and lots of colour. These collections definitely deliver.

Sweet dreams...

Sadly, this is me on occasion, especially when I drink alco. I will never admit this to my friends though. neeeeeeeever!

My ex's best friends would refer to me as "de narcoleptic girlfriend". There were times when I would literally do nothing but sleep at his house. Sleep in the taxi on the way to town. Sleep in work (hey, i worked long hours). Sleep at home.

I'm way better now though... it think.

It's never fun to do this around friends though because there's always some embarassing pics resurfacing at a later occasion, the showing usually following the words "Hey guys, remember this pic when cc had bep out on the couch?! Dat was reaaaaal funny!" They laugh, i'm embarrassed. etc, etc. o_o

Saturday, August 29, 2009


not such a fan of sean paul. I've always felt that lyrically he's quite weak.

buuuuuuuut.... his dancers are WICKED!

From the first video of his i saw "gimme de light" his dancers were sick.

I always thought that when he went mainstream his dancers and their moves got a bit watered down to appeal to the masses.

He makes up for this in his video "so fine" though. dis is how Caribbean girls throw it dong! Especially the dancer on the left at 2:09.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh Greta...

i loooooooove Greta Garbo. She was so confident; she knew exactly what she wanted to accomplish and set out to do it...and so well. She was so on point.

Nothing short of brilliant. I fell in love with her when i watch Ninotchka:

i hate the stupid selling points of the movie though. lame angle.

Hulk Smash!

i am missing the bag i keep usb cables & other important stuff like my mac remote in. I am VERY annoyed right now!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Please stop!!!

There's been a spate of horrendous accidents on the roads of T&T for a while now. The most recent and tragic being that which claimed the life of 5 individuals, 3 or which were children. To have children cut down before they even reach the prime of their life is especially obscene.

Alot of these accidents are caused by selfish, arrogant, aggresive people, who unfortunately for the rest of us, are licensed to wreak havoc on the nation's roads.

This brings me to my experience tonight. So, I'm standing on the intersection of Long Circular Rd & the Western Main road and from my spot I witness 3 of the most ridiculous drives I've ever seen in my life.

The driver of the first car, deciding that waiting is not his thing, executed one of the duttiest overtakes I've ever seen. I was so tight, and the speed at which it was done was nothing short of breakneck... I'm so angry and frustrated at these people i cause myself wishing that he would just crash somewhere away from everyone and maim himself so the rest of us could just get a break. Horrible, I know, but I'm so frustrated and disgusted with these type of people :/

The second bad drive came courtesy Mr PAZ 3900 (yes, ah see yuh plate!). De man decided to suddenly switch direction by doing a u-turn at break neck speed without even assessing who was coming and from where. Bravo!!!!! I'm sure if he crashed this is what he would say...

From Blogger Pictures

Finally, the award for "the person most likely to lose his life or end up neutered" goes to the next guy. Him and his partners, driving their cool, super fast motorcycles, breaks the red light. He comes this close to smashing into a sedan which is about to turn up onto Long Circular Rd.

The hard thing about these people and the accidents that they cause is that alot of them escape unscathed but leave behind carnage of epic proportions. I'll never forget the accident a couple years ago where those 4 youngsters lost their life from getting a bad drive on the highway. It was a hit and run that alot of people will never forget, especially the relatives of these boys who were (to me) murdered in a horrendous manner. I heard from a source that one of the boys was unrecognizable because his face had been removed during the accident :('

Let's stop the madness please. please.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I've had the pleasure of seeing some great local musical talent on display in the past month. The company that I work for sponsors some great local artistes (Destra, Kes the Band and Karma) and we got the opportunity to see them, as well as smaller local bands Lanyap and Skid Nevely, rock de stage at the Digicel Outta Control Free concert.

It was simply wicked! It sucked that people came a little late so they weren't able to take much of Lanyap. They have a great sound: a synergistic mix of rock, reggae. It was also a shame that i couldn't get my videographer skills together to actually get some good video of their performance. But if you feel like you want to get to know them, visit their facebook page. My favourite song from them is i need you because it's like they're channeling the thoughts of every Trini right now given the social challenges that we've been encountering over the past decade or so.

Next on the lineup was Skid Nevely. Let me tell you something: I'm very cynical when it comes to rock music of our time. I'm wary of fast riffs, bad lyrics and lame vocals. I'm also wary of cookie cutter bands, those of whose songs, if played one after other it would be difficult to decipher where one started and another ended. Initially I must admit that painted Skid into this category. Initially.

I've heard them twice live and let me tell you, they reaaaaaaaaaal bad! That pan is soooooo sweet. It draws you in and their energy, flawless overall sound and eclectic mix of song selection (from Red Rat to Sublime) makes you stay put. They have some nice material of their own as well like the song KIA. Have a look

When Skid finished mash up de place, Karma came on. The crowd had grown significantly by that time despite the rain. Ravi B has energy to lend so their performance was inherently great. They are great local cover band and they are good at that but I was a little disappointed that they didn't play much Chutney :('

I didn't stay for Destra or Kess because some delicious but deadly oysters did me in. But I'm sure I'll be able to take them in again soon because they are mainstays on the local talent scene and you're guaranteed to get a great show from both of them. Plus, I hate long posts and this one is très longue already. I'll post the videos i did mange to get later.

Take it easy

Saturday, June 20, 2009

At last

I went out for the first time in months a couple days ago and I wuvvvved it!

Basically it's just been home to work and home again so I was glad for the opportunity to get out. I scored some free tickets to the John Legend concert from work and took my Mummy to see it.

Can I just say that this guy is really talented. He's a great performer and musician. It's quite rare to find an artist that is able to command a fan's attention outside of the studio and without some famewhore antics or superficial crap. This guy is great recording and live artiste and I'm a huge fan of him because of this.

Plus, mi madre loved his music too! This is a great feat because it's pretty hard to get my mother to love any modern day artist (except if you're Celine Dion or Mariah Carey). She loves classic artistes Connie Francis and the likes so you have to come reaaaal good to impress her and he did. This is great because when I bring him home to dinner to meet the family he doesn't have much work to do to impress her; He already has! :D (Hey, only God can judge me)

I recorded some video of him in action but just got video, no sound. :(.......

Here is Mummy, my friend Keish and I looking swankayyyy for the "camerah!" as my 2 yr old niece calls it...

Good times were had by all.


Thursday, June 04, 2009


I came back after months and months and couldn't log in to my blog [insert Macaulay Culkin suprised face here] Imagine my horror! After most poking and prodding around (which involves actually reading the instructions)i was finally able to log in.


I've decided that I'm going to keep up with my blog if not for the sake of my sanity. Work is kicking my butt! It's not necessarily the work that's hard. I love what I do. I just can't take the atmostphere, some of the people and mostly how we do things. Add these to the fact that I can't leave because of this stupid recession and we have a recipe for a bowlful of frustration and angst. I mean an unemployed me sitting in my underwear for days on end while looking for work doesn't paint a pretty pic. Or does it? (If your think it does holla!)

The point is that i need to blog to vent my frustration.

Annnnndddd I'm definitely gonna start picking my camera up again! I need to perfect my art and I'll be damn if don't become a better artist by the end of this year!shakes fist

That's it for now... Peace


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