Monday, July 21, 2008

Goin' Foreign soon

Today is hardly got any work done at the office. It could be because I was busy combing the internet and reading mind numbing news at Too funny man! 

Anywho.... I haven't been designing lately and that really irks me. I'm trying to motivate myself to start something but it's been a challenge. I'll keep on trying though. I think I'm going to start with photographing some scenes first which tends to give me some inspiration to build on the images.

On another note, I'm really excited that I'll be going to the U.S. in September for some shopping (if all goes well). It would be my first time to the U.S. and I'll be going with my best friends. Fun times are bound to ensue. I just hope C can get her passport renewed in time cuz I'd be real disappointed if I can't go. I just might through a hissy fit and hop on a plane by myself and we wouldn't want that because I may end up on CNN on some 10 second missing persons report.


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