Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yoga is not for the faint of heart

So I started exercising again. I hadn't exercised in about 2 years. There was a time that I exercised almost everyday. But I fell off completely. You can imagine how out-of-shape I am. 

My first class was yoga and I loved it. I arrived late because I forgot my work out clothes at home and had to go get them. That kinda worked out well because I got a space to the back. I prefer to work out in the back for fear embarrassing myself. It was enjoyable but tough. Some of the poses were trying especially the ones where I had to suspend myself off the ground.

But I felt to so good after and I know it's ridiculous but I think i can see the difference already :)

I'm actually on a campaign to take care of myself alot more. I've never been one of those girls to get the nails done and facials ever other month and crap like that. I've kind of always been a minimalist. I think that once the basics are covered you should be fine. I have always had a thing for dyeing my hair though ever since I've been a teenager. So I've put in a nice brown/bronze. It's really made a difference. People think my hair looks good which is a stretch because I can count on one hand the number of people who think my hair looks good since I went natural a little over a year ago. Anywho...


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