Monday, August 18, 2008

So..... I used to think my camera was the ish. I take snaps with a Olympus SP UZ500 and I must admit that up until recently I felt like an article dan whipping it out. I mean, it is a cool camera; in the land of point and shoots that is. That was until I saw Dre's Nikons. His cameras are SLR not "SLR-like" as my camera is listed as.

Taken with my "SPUZEE"

I find myself hiding the poor thing now... not bringing him to shoots. He doesn't deserve this because he's been faithful as Old Yeller for the past 2 1/2 years. But alas, my pride and my frivolous nature becomes me. On my trip to Florida in about a Month's time (please God) I go in search of a replacement. A serious replacement. One which comes with it's own built in stage spotlight and that I can whip out with pride and in effect show off while feigning modesty :s

My trip may not even come off as planned, though, because as we speak Storm (soon to be hurricane) Fay is on her way to the Florida coast having already left a trail of death and destruction through most of the Windward islands. She's heading straight for the surfers who refuse up until this point to heed warning to evacuate and who can be seen frolicking in the ocean like there's no tomorrow. When newsflash boys and girls: There is a tomorrow and she comes packing winds of more than 60mph and ferocious storm surges. :Sheesh:

I can't help but wonder what else the Atlantic ocean has in store for us in the upcoming months. That's why everything's so tentative right now. Old Yeller might have some hope yet of not being replaced.



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