Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Take Wey Yuhself :P

Image courtesy Bob Martin of SI

So apparently the US sprint "Dream Team" lodged a sour grapes complaint about the 100m female sprint results which saw Jamaica make a clean sweep of the event. They claimed there was a false start that should have been called. This irks me for a couple reasons:

1. They didn't immediately query the 1-2-3 placing of their hurdlers when they took top honours in a subsequent race.

2. Americans all over the internet launched an out-a-timing campaign to discredit the talent of the Jamaican ladies claiming- get this: "They are soooooooo ugly!!!!!!"

3. I know and you know that Ms Tori Edwards knows she didn't false start. This was just an excuse to run to get the race to be run again. I know this because Americans have proven themselves to be too competitive in the past for their own good.

It's was simply a mental game and from the beginning and Ms Edwards was overly intimidated. Sadly for her it affected her final placing.

So I'd like to admonish all our Caribbean athletes to distance themselves from the negativity and enjoy the moment. Yuh know de dance already, jus tek wey yuhselves. Big up to all the Caribbean athletes who just mashin up in Track and Field: Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, Bahamas, The Netherland Antilles.... everybody. Oh and special big up to Usain, Richard Thompson, Asafa (although he didn't place he's still my hubby), Churandy Martina out of the Netherlands who is running like a bad-ass and all the women who did us proud.

For now we hold the record for the fastest men and women according to Olympic standards. I say according to Olympic standards because you and I know there must be some men and women elsewhere who can run faster. If you live in Darfur and you're dodging bullets on an extended basis I'm sure you can clock more than 9.69 over 100m. Bump the Dry Phase, yuh go run fuh yuh life!



Anonymous said...

I am an American. Although I wished we would have gotten the gold or placed period, I am aslo proud of the Jamaician teams.

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