Thursday, June 04, 2009


I came back after months and months and couldn't log in to my blog [insert Macaulay Culkin suprised face here] Imagine my horror! After most poking and prodding around (which involves actually reading the instructions)i was finally able to log in.


I've decided that I'm going to keep up with my blog if not for the sake of my sanity. Work is kicking my butt! It's not necessarily the work that's hard. I love what I do. I just can't take the atmostphere, some of the people and mostly how we do things. Add these to the fact that I can't leave because of this stupid recession and we have a recipe for a bowlful of frustration and angst. I mean an unemployed me sitting in my underwear for days on end while looking for work doesn't paint a pretty pic. Or does it? (If your think it does holla!)

The point is that i need to blog to vent my frustration.

Annnnndddd I'm definitely gonna start picking my camera up again! I need to perfect my art and I'll be damn if don't become a better artist by the end of this year!shakes fist

That's it for now... Peace



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