Saturday, June 20, 2009

At last

I went out for the first time in months a couple days ago and I wuvvvved it!

Basically it's just been home to work and home again so I was glad for the opportunity to get out. I scored some free tickets to the John Legend concert from work and took my Mummy to see it.

Can I just say that this guy is really talented. He's a great performer and musician. It's quite rare to find an artist that is able to command a fan's attention outside of the studio and without some famewhore antics or superficial crap. This guy is great recording and live artiste and I'm a huge fan of him because of this.

Plus, mi madre loved his music too! This is a great feat because it's pretty hard to get my mother to love any modern day artist (except if you're Celine Dion or Mariah Carey). She loves classic artistes Connie Francis and the likes so you have to come reaaaal good to impress her and he did. This is great because when I bring him home to dinner to meet the family he doesn't have much work to do to impress her; He already has! :D (Hey, only God can judge me)

I recorded some video of him in action but just got video, no sound. :(.......

Here is Mummy, my friend Keish and I looking swankayyyy for the "camerah!" as my 2 yr old niece calls it...

Good times were had by all.



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