Sunday, August 23, 2009

Please stop!!!

There's been a spate of horrendous accidents on the roads of T&T for a while now. The most recent and tragic being that which claimed the life of 5 individuals, 3 or which were children. To have children cut down before they even reach the prime of their life is especially obscene.

Alot of these accidents are caused by selfish, arrogant, aggresive people, who unfortunately for the rest of us, are licensed to wreak havoc on the nation's roads.

This brings me to my experience tonight. So, I'm standing on the intersection of Long Circular Rd & the Western Main road and from my spot I witness 3 of the most ridiculous drives I've ever seen in my life.

The driver of the first car, deciding that waiting is not his thing, executed one of the duttiest overtakes I've ever seen. I was so tight, and the speed at which it was done was nothing short of breakneck... I'm so angry and frustrated at these people i cause myself wishing that he would just crash somewhere away from everyone and maim himself so the rest of us could just get a break. Horrible, I know, but I'm so frustrated and disgusted with these type of people :/

The second bad drive came courtesy Mr PAZ 3900 (yes, ah see yuh plate!). De man decided to suddenly switch direction by doing a u-turn at break neck speed without even assessing who was coming and from where. Bravo!!!!! I'm sure if he crashed this is what he would say...

From Blogger Pictures

Finally, the award for "the person most likely to lose his life or end up neutered" goes to the next guy. Him and his partners, driving their cool, super fast motorcycles, breaks the red light. He comes this close to smashing into a sedan which is about to turn up onto Long Circular Rd.

The hard thing about these people and the accidents that they cause is that alot of them escape unscathed but leave behind carnage of epic proportions. I'll never forget the accident a couple years ago where those 4 youngsters lost their life from getting a bad drive on the highway. It was a hit and run that alot of people will never forget, especially the relatives of these boys who were (to me) murdered in a horrendous manner. I heard from a source that one of the boys was unrecognizable because his face had been removed during the accident :('

Let's stop the madness please. please.


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