Saturday, August 22, 2009


I've had the pleasure of seeing some great local musical talent on display in the past month. The company that I work for sponsors some great local artistes (Destra, Kes the Band and Karma) and we got the opportunity to see them, as well as smaller local bands Lanyap and Skid Nevely, rock de stage at the Digicel Outta Control Free concert.

It was simply wicked! It sucked that people came a little late so they weren't able to take much of Lanyap. They have a great sound: a synergistic mix of rock, reggae. It was also a shame that i couldn't get my videographer skills together to actually get some good video of their performance. But if you feel like you want to get to know them, visit their facebook page. My favourite song from them is i need you because it's like they're channeling the thoughts of every Trini right now given the social challenges that we've been encountering over the past decade or so.

Next on the lineup was Skid Nevely. Let me tell you something: I'm very cynical when it comes to rock music of our time. I'm wary of fast riffs, bad lyrics and lame vocals. I'm also wary of cookie cutter bands, those of whose songs, if played one after other it would be difficult to decipher where one started and another ended. Initially I must admit that painted Skid into this category. Initially.

I've heard them twice live and let me tell you, they reaaaaaaaaaal bad! That pan is soooooo sweet. It draws you in and their energy, flawless overall sound and eclectic mix of song selection (from Red Rat to Sublime) makes you stay put. They have some nice material of their own as well like the song KIA. Have a look

When Skid finished mash up de place, Karma came on. The crowd had grown significantly by that time despite the rain. Ravi B has energy to lend so their performance was inherently great. They are great local cover band and they are good at that but I was a little disappointed that they didn't play much Chutney :('

I didn't stay for Destra or Kess because some delicious but deadly oysters did me in. But I'm sure I'll be able to take them in again soon because they are mainstays on the local talent scene and you're guaranteed to get a great show from both of them. Plus, I hate long posts and this one is très longue already. I'll post the videos i did mange to get later.

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