Monday, September 07, 2009

Love, love, love Erykah


Store unit a/w that I did a while ago for the launch of the SE w380 Destra phone in the T&T market.

Congratulations to Destra on her pregnancy. I wish her all the best!

Scotiabank 5k run 2009 tshirt design

Here's a a tshirt design i did for the upcoming Scotiabank 5k run we're participating in. Each team has an option of creating their own tshirt design and this is the print that will appear to the front of the tee our company will be wearing:

I'll post the actual tshirt when it's done. I'm very excited to see how it turns out...

I haven't run in about 2 months but i'll dust off my sneaks in a hope of making a small difference :)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

too cool!

why don't we have anything like this in T&T?

Thursday, September 03, 2009

outta control tour launch highlights

here are some highlights of the now complete outta control tour that took place this month.

here's the press ad i did:

*if yuh feeling like a pimp, go on brush yuh shoulders off* LOL

here are some videos... please do your best to see past the bad videographer skills. :D

Here's kes the band

and here's skid "nevely:

Do you sleep?

Congratulations Lisa Loeb on being "with child". LOL.

Hearing that she was pregnant made me think of her and music which I absolutely looooooooved during my angst ridden teenage years aka the 90s. :D

This is by far my favorite song from her:

I just love her simple personal style, too. I like that she maintained this throughout her career much unlike "artistes" of today who think that how they look is more important than the integrity of their sound and the quality of their lyrics.

No doubt...

Please, please come back No doubt!

And not what that modern, pseudo "soul changing", transitional crap. Please revisit your old feel good sound. The sound that made me fall in love with you:

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Clothes & stuff

I love fashion...

That being said, it's inexcusable to me that T&T fashion week went past me like a full bus this year, without nary a wink in its direction from myself.

I remember being completely swamped with work though and I think that's a plausible excuse for missing out on this festive event :D

I visited their website (months later mind you) and I'm slapping myself on the hand for having missed this showcase. It's gorgeous. My favourite by far was Peter Elias' collection. The fabric is beautiful, the flow of which seems mesmerizing through the photographs. I couldn't help but picture myself in these dresses, making a grand entrance to an event amidst numerous "Oooohhhs and Aaahhhhhs" (a girl can dream can't she).

Peter Elias

Peter Elias

Peter Elias

GQ's Genuine quality Styles Collection

GQ's Genuine quality Styles Collection

Zadd & Eastman

Kimya Glassglow

Meiling and Anthony Reid Menswear


GQ's Genuine quality Styles Collection

So beautiful. I like simple designs with interest, textured fabrics, and lots of colour. These collections definitely deliver.

Sweet dreams...

Sadly, this is me on occasion, especially when I drink alco. I will never admit this to my friends though. neeeeeeeever!

My ex's best friends would refer to me as "de narcoleptic girlfriend". There were times when I would literally do nothing but sleep at his house. Sleep in the taxi on the way to town. Sleep in work (hey, i worked long hours). Sleep at home.

I'm way better now though... it think.

It's never fun to do this around friends though because there's always some embarassing pics resurfacing at a later occasion, the showing usually following the words "Hey guys, remember this pic when cc had bep out on the couch?! Dat was reaaaaal funny!" They laugh, i'm embarrassed. etc, etc. o_o

Saturday, August 29, 2009


not such a fan of sean paul. I've always felt that lyrically he's quite weak.

buuuuuuuut.... his dancers are WICKED!

From the first video of his i saw "gimme de light" his dancers were sick.

I always thought that when he went mainstream his dancers and their moves got a bit watered down to appeal to the masses.

He makes up for this in his video "so fine" though. dis is how Caribbean girls throw it dong! Especially the dancer on the left at 2:09.

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