Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Obsessions

I have a new obsession. Street style blogs! I love combing through these websites looking at what people who dare to be different are wearing. I've found that the best styles (in my opinion at least) are found in London & New York. 

I'd love to start one of these blogs for the Caribbean. People aren't that fashion forward down here though... they tend to follow the American mass market fashion. The only way people would dare wear anything out of the box is if everyone else is wearing it which to me defeats the purpose. 

I've always had a thing for dressing kind of quirky, ever since A levels. We didn't have a uniform so it was free reign. While everyone was rocking jeans and tees I was wearing platforms with pleated skirts and cool shirts. I had this friend who would go to New York and bring me back these wicked sneaks or high heels and tees that I would wear to school. I'd hear people whispering about my clothes; some things good some things bad but at least it came to be known that I had a style of my own.

I'm definitely gonna do something soon though! 

On another note I found this really cool ad for Converse by pure happenstance yesterday. I don't have cable or anything so this cool not necessarily be new but it's still wicked. Oh and Julian Casablancas is in it so that makes it hot fuh so! He's on my top 5 hottest guys list.


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